[flashrom] JIDA CMOS

Bill Flanders (wtflanders) wtflanders at micron.com
Thu Apr 8 01:11:04 CEST 2010

Hi Marc,
I ran into the same problem when I automated flashing the BIOS followed
by running nvramtool to set the CMOS values.
The settings do not hold if you power down the system, however, they do
hold when you reboot the system via the "reboot" command.
Give it a try,

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Bill Flanders (wtflanders) wrote:
> Marc,
> Thanks for the info.  Let me know if you hear back from Kontron.  I
> not yet heard back from my Kontron field support rep.
> The nvramtool seems to work fine WRT my limited testing of it.  I am
> using the Kontron ETXexpress-MC module.
> Did you try it?

Hi Bill,

Yeah tried it. Like you, my testing was limited but not so
successfull. I can read and write to the NVRAM using nvramtool (it
doesn't output any error message so I guess writing was successfull)
but it doesn't seem to have any effect when I reboot.

For example, if I dump the content of the nvram to a file, reboot,
change a couple of settings in the BIOS, rewrite the nvram with the
dumped file, I do not get my old parameters back. It doesn't seem to
have any effect.

These are my observations so far.

BTW, I use the ETXExpress-PC module.



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