[flashrom] acer extensa

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Wed Dec 2 16:14:24 CET 2009

Hi Charlie,

unfortunately I have to disappoint you. flashrom does not support
laptops yet due to the unique flash architecture of most laptops. There
is a slim chance it can work, but the risk of bricking your machine to a
point where it needs to be sent to a repair center is simply too high.

You could try to boot FreeDOS and if that works, ask Acer if there is an
update utility for DOS. Uniflasher might be an option as well, but last
time I checked it was missing support for newer flash chips.

On 02.12.2009 15:42, Charlie Watson wrote:
> I was updating my Acer Extensa 5630z with the latest update vs 1.36 and webshots desktop interupted the update. Acer's winflash only works in Windows and restarted the computer automatically (wouldnt even let me cancel).

So Acer Winflash said the update failed, and it forced a reboot anyway?
In that case, you probably have hit a bug in their software and I think
asking their support for a free repair would be appropriate. After all,
it is not your fault that Winflash forced the reboot.

> I cannot boot to windows anymore. cant even boot to my miniPE rescue disk. luckily i can at least boot to ubuntu but im not that good with linux.

While flashrom works fine in Linux on most desktop/server computers, I
don't think trying it on a laptop is a good idea.

> i want to try and put 1.30 back on it. i tried using wine but that didnt work.

Yes, that is expected. Wine doesn't handle the hardware access required
by flash update tools.


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