[coreboot] Lenovo G505S - spkmodem console sound, is correct? Please listen and tell

Ivan Ivanov qmastery16 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 00:22:49 CEST 2018

Good day! We are debugging a custom config of G505S coreboot which
currently can't boot beyond SeaBIOS to any Linux: kernel gets stuck at
the early booting stages regardless of its' parameters. So we can't
access cbmem console, and are exploring the alternative console output
options. One of them is spkmodem - console output through this G505S
laptop's speakers. But we can't decode any symbols of its' output with
spkmodem-recv, regardless of the options we use, or whether we're
trying parec or arecord to achieve that.

I suspect: despite that the "PC Speaker"-style beeping output is
working fine at this laptop/speakers while we are using Linux or even
some very simple OS like FreeDOS or Kolibri - that coreboot's spkmodem
might be buggy at G505S laptop, since there are only a few distinct
beeps (a couple of them are long enough to be visible at Soundcloud's
waveform) - everything else sounds like maybe an encrypted message but
could be just garbage (far from being similar to some morse code)

If you've ever heard the spkmodem output, please could you try to
decode this stuff if its' easy for you, or at least to tell if it
sounds OK or not? Its the first ~4 minutes of like 30 minutes log
output, then the sounds stop:

just play - https://soundcloud.com/qma-ster/g505s-spkmodem
download - https://www.sendspace.com/file/y2j15y

Best regards,

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