[coreboot] Lenovo X230 + 32GB RAM ?

David Potocnik david at middlemachine.com
Mon Sep 3 20:33:03 CEST 2018

Thanks very much sir!

I guess it makes most sense to just have two of these machines side by
side, and split the workload. ;-)

On 3 September 2018 at 19:30, Nico Huber <nico.h at gmx.de> wrote:

> Hi David,
> On 03.09.2018 19:13, David Potocnik wrote:
> > Coreboot, or perhaps rule it out completely?
> it's impossible, unless you want to heavily mod the mainboard. Ivy
> Bridge supports 4 ranks per channel, max 4GiB per rank. SO-DIMMs have
> only 2 ranks. So with 2 SO-DIMM slots, there are physical connections
> missing to get to 32GiB.
> > Information on RAM frequencies is welcome as well:
> >
> > I've also heard reports of people running the RAM at 1866Mhz. A newer
> > version of the official BIOS reduced the original 1666Mhz, to 1333Mhz. I
> > believe there's a mod available that over-rides this:
> > http://x220.mcdonnelltech.com/resources/
> >
> >
> > How is this currently on Coreboot?
> coreboot limits the frequency to whatever the board manufacturer con-
> figured the chipset to (using one-time programmable fuses). It can be
> configured, however, to ignore the fuses. Then it would use whatever
> the RAM supports up to the CPU's limit. This is overclocking so there
> is no guarantee that it would work on one X230 sample just because it
> works on another. And there is probably no real-world application that
> would benefit (2 x DDR3-800 is already quite fast compared to what Ivy
> bridge can do with the data).
> Hard to tell why Lenovo lowered the frequency late. Maybe because there
> was no performance impact but it saves power?
> Nico
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