[coreboot] Intel ME what is it? And when did this dangerous thing get installed?

Philipp Stanner stanner at posteo.de
Mon Sep 3 11:54:29 CEST 2018

Am Mittwoch, den 29.08.2018, 04:09 -0400 schrieb Youness Alaoui:
> If there are more specific questions that you have, ask them and I
> might be able to answer them!

I might have one: What does stop a motherboard-vendor from just buying
a CPU and implementing it? Which chips, beside the CPU, do you need
from Intel in any case to make the machine work?
I always thought of the CPU just as a machine executing code, and
assumed it's possible to use it just as any microcontroller: You can
add the ME-Chipset, but you don't have to.


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