[coreboot] Further coreboot releases, setting new standards

Arthur Heymans arthur at aheymans.xyz
Wed Nov 28 14:25:48 CET 2018

"Jay Talbott" <jaytalbott at sysproconsulting.com> writes:

> I know I don't post much here, but I feel like I need to chime in on this thread... Perhaps it's time that SysPro becomes a louder voice in the community.
> Bay Trail and Broadwell DE are both still very popular platforms, yet neither one of them meets the cut for any of the three criteria. So I caution against removing the support for either of them too hastily.

I looked into that FSP 1.0 integration code a little. It would seem to
me that relocatable ramstage and C_ENVIRONMENT_BOOTBLOCK are possible.
NO_CAR_GLOBAL_MIGRATION however seems rather impossible as the FSP has
total control over the environment and destroys the CAR environment
itself. Since I propose the standards I could offer some help to reach

It looks like FSP 1.0 will be dragging coreboot down for some time.
Maybe we can agree not to integrate such monsters into coreboot in the future?
BTW baytrail has a non FSP port that will likely be in better shape.

Kind regards

Arthur Heymans

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