[coreboot] Hardware needed for flashing a T530

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Sun Nov 25 22:55:56 CET 2018

Hi Yannik,

On 25.11.18 20:05, Yannik Catalinac wrote:
> For the SPI programmer I decided to use a CH341A, but when I search for
> it there are different CH341A. Which one should I buy?

It shouldn't matter as long as it says to be compatible to SPI 25
series. There were reports about bad batches of every kind (e.g.
wrong voltage regulator), FWIW. So there's always a risk. I would
pick one with a location in Europe (i.e. not China) so you don't
wait weeks and then realize you got a bad one. I have one with a
black board btw. that works fine.

As you asked for a German shop below, here[1] is a more expensive
alternative to the CH341A. 5x the cost, up to 15x the speed (and
can also work as a USB debugging device with coreboot; needs another
TTL level UART for the other end, though).

> Which cables do you recommend? I read that I should use short ones, but
> which cables exactly dou you recommend? A link to a german shop would be
> very, very helpful!

Reichelt has some rather expensive ones[2]. Work for me but I can't say
if they are any better than random ones from eBay. For the latter search
for `10cm dupont female-female` (Buchse-Buchse).

Hope that helps,

    Also needs a Mini-B (not the popular Micro-B) USB cable in case you
    don't have a spare one.
[2] https://www.reichelt.de/
    Search for: steckboard lbb

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