[coreboot] Hardware needed for flashing a T530

Yannik Catalinac yc-153434 at hs-weingarten.de
Sun Nov 25 20:05:26 CET 2018


which hardware do you guys recommend for flashing a Lenovo Thinpad T530?

As far as I know you need three things:
1. SPI programmer with USB connection and USB cable
2. SOIC8 clip
3. cables to connect the SPI programmer and the SOIC8 clip

I'm sure with number 2, so I already bought a Pomona 5250 clip.

For the SPI programmer I decided to use a CH341A, but when I search for it there are different CH341A. Which one should I buy?

Which cables do you recommend? I read that I should use short ones, but which cables exactly dou you recommend? A link to a german shop would be very, very helpful!

Thanks for helping
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