[coreboot] Coreboots Board Status have privacy issues for contributors

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Sun Nov 25 22:02:16 CET 2018

On 25.11.18 18:24, j443i8 at goat.si wrote:
> the mac 70:3a:cb:bd:fd:e3 . This is probably some Google device his
> device is connecting to because the mac range is registered to Google
> Inc. Now i can lookup in public wifi databases and in some cases i then
> know where the users lives.

You can also just ask them where they live. Whereby I want to say, not
everybody is in the same paranoid mode.

> I was thinking of contributing to the Board Status but i dont want to
> release any private data and wont contribute now. What is the usage of
> the world to know what mac address the people are using?

There is no usage. It just makes the script simpler that gathers the

> Please fix this to:

No, you, please fix this. You are very welcome to contribute patches.

> 1) Remove kernel log and replace it with "uname -r" to just know the
> kernel version.

This makes no sense, nobody asked for the kernel version. We want to see
kernel messages. You can however implement a heuristic to filter per-
sonal information.

> 2) Please make the contribution without the force of having to register
> to git. Make a public account that have just access to the
> board-status.git and set this public account into the code itself.

You are free to set something like this up and redirect all pushes to
your Gerrit account. *After* you filtered spam.

> Then
> there can be for example a simple live linux iso that people can boot
> with LAN cable connected. No requirement of installation software, of
> setting things up or anything like that.

Yes, please implement that. Again patches are welcome. We don't lack
ideas, we lack the time to set things up. So once you are done with
that, feel free to ask what else you can do.


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