[coreboot] Update IOMMU F2A85M

kinky_nekoboi kinky_nekoboi at bluetardis.de
Mon Nov 12 19:30:34 CET 2018

no i have found the reason of my troubles with IOMMU

seems like coreboot has mostly tested with the A8-5XXX CPUS .. it is
just incompatible with the A6600Ks IOMMU. I had installed. luckily i had
an A8-5500 laying around.

still i had to choose and older rom someone send me in the past. to get
Standby to work.

now everythings works.

Still some bugs have to be fixed and some comments should be added to
the coreboot wikis page about  this board.

Is everybody free to contribute a change to the coreboot wiki?

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