[coreboot] T430s prop BIOS Image

Maillist maillist at cryptogs.de
Fri Nov 9 16:23:51 CET 2018


thank you, i tried that already , but it didnt work, neither simply
mounting the iso, not with 7zip under windows,  neither with dd to usb
nor with nero/ burning it to a cd ( i used nero because i saw in
hexeditor that the iso was build with it).

Therefor, i really need that image somehow. No worrys about me getting
hacked, neither that image nor that board will be used (just ifd for a
little test).

Let me know if you have any ideas left.

cheers jonathan

On 11/9/18 11:47 AM, Rafael Machado wrote:
> Hi
> The safer solution is to get it from the Manufacturer's website (nor
> relying on someone's image, you may be hacked this way).
> In this case you can download this .iso and "dd" to a usbdevice.
> With this you will find the .bin with the entire bios image:
> https://support.lenovo.com/br/pt/downloads/ds029725
> Hope it can help.
> Best Regards
> Rafael R. Machado
> Em qui, 8 de nov de 2018 às 18:06, Maillist <maillist at cryptogs.de
> <mailto:maillist at cryptogs.de>> escreveu:
>     Hey Guys, does anyone happen to have a t430s bios image? I kinda
>     had way
>     to much mate this morning, so i was a little bit to enthusiastically
>     while desoldering and ripped the WSON-8 chip from the board. I
>     soldered
>     wires to the pins, but wasnt able to recover the image, and
>     without ifd,
>     i cant build coreboot.
>     cheers
>     -- 
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