[coreboot] T430s prop BIOS Image

Rafael Machado rafaelrodrigues.machado at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 11:47:44 CET 2018

The safer solution is to get it from the Manufacturer's website (nor
relying on someone's image, you may be hacked this way).
In this case you can download this .iso and "dd" to a usbdevice.
With this you will find the .bin with the entire bios image:


Hope it can help.

Best Regards
Rafael R. Machado

Em qui, 8 de nov de 2018 às 18:06, Maillist <maillist at cryptogs.de> escreveu:

> Hey Guys, does anyone happen to have a t430s bios image? I kinda had way
> to much mate this morning, so i was a little bit to enthusiastically
> while desoldering and ripped the WSON-8 chip from the board. I soldered
> wires to the pins, but wasnt able to recover the image, and without ifd,
> i cant build coreboot.
> cheers
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