[coreboot] How to get correct memory params for FSP

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The two major issues with bringing up the memory subsystem on a new board are SPD parameters and DQ/DQS layout
Specifically, if you look at the apollolake rvp subtree, you can see a whole bunch of parameters being set in romstage.c. Some of it is fairly straightforward. Swizzling tables are not and require you to be able to read schematic (and have access to it in the first place)
Obviously, the problem could be elsewhere. I would start with enabling MRC debug and perhaps posting the MRC output

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I port the Coreboot to a board with an SOC Intel Atom E3845 and use FSP for the Baytrail family. The result - postcode is 0x2A. From the descriptions on the Internet, I understand that the problem is in the incorrect memory parameters.
Question: are there any utilities or methods that will help to get the correct memory parameters when working a regular BIOS from Linux or Windows systems?
Many thanks!
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