[coreboot] proposal: coreboot docs in separate repo

Branden Waldner scruffy99 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 21:30:18 CEST 2018

>> git bundles available over resumable http(s) can help a lot with that,
>> but they are almost never provided.

>I think this is a fair enough request, and maybe quite straightforward
>to arrange. Do you already have some scripts to create a bundle every
>now and then, that you could contribute?

Sorry, I don't have any scripts to contribute. It seems like it doable
with just a cron job running a git bundle create command and having it
put it on a file server. I'm sure there would be more involved then
that though.

>> Board status was particularly bad, over 200 MB to clone,

>Was that with git clone --depth=1 or did you clone complete history?

The board_status.sh script does a full clone and I didn't want to mess
with it and have it end up trying to upload an invalid commit. Maybe
it would have worked with an empty initilized local repo?

There is actually a fixme note in board_status.sh about it (line 419):

		# FIXME: the board-status directory might get big over time.
		# Is there a way we can push the results without fetching the
		# whole repo?



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