[coreboot] wiki backup

Leah Rowe info at gluglug.org.uk
Thu Jun 14 13:35:06 CEST 2018

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On 14/06/18 05:28, Taiidan at gmx.com wrote:
> I do not like this...
> I update the wiki on a regular basis for the boards I use and I
> can't understand why another critical choice was made without input
> from the community?
> The new system has less features, doesn't look as good and does
> not feature the current articles.
> Policies like this make it very unfriendly to a new user and help
> ensure that either only expert firmware developers will be able to
> install coreboot themselves the average person will simply be
> forced to buy from a company that sells coreboot systems (of course
> none of them sell systems with real "free firmware")

Git is more portable than MediaWiki. It allows more people to be able
to easily submit documentation changes. The documentation is in the
repo under Documentation/ as Markdown files.

Markdown is much simpler than the markup language used by MediaWiki.

Plus you can make easy frontends for editing files in a git
repository. E.g. GitHub does it. I wouldn't recommend use of GitHub
since it's proprietary, but that's just an example. Where a user
doesn't even need to understand git, they just log in and click
"edit", edit whatever they like in a web interface and then that goes
to a pull request for code review. I'm not sure if coreboot does that.
We tried in Libreboot but it's currently not possible due to a
limitation in Gogs, the software that we use for Git-based code review.

So it's possible to have something wiki-like while being hosted in Git.


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