[coreboot] [RFH] Native AMD fam10-15 support

qtux mail at qtux.eu
Thu Jun 14 03:38:00 CEST 2018

On 13/06/18 22:12, Kyösti Mälkki wrote:
> Hi
> Now that we wiped out K8, I'd like to put my eyes on fam10-15 boards.
> Couple questions for board owners:
> First, about asus/kcma-d8 and asus/kgpe-d16: Do these have working S3
> support? I remember rumours they originally worked at some point, but
> regressed during the rebase / upstream process. Anyone willing to
> bisect/fix it if necessary?
> I am asking, because these are the last two remaining boards with
> combination of HAVE_ACPI_RESUME=y and RELOCATABLE_RAMSTAGE=n, and we
> have to drag along some back-and-forth memory copy code to keep OS
> memory intact for these two.
> Second, I would like to move forwards with AMD fam10 to have
> RELOCATABE_RAMSTAGE=y, that would also solve above-mentioned issue and
> open up doors for some new features.
> If it was my decision, RELOCATABLE_RAMSTAGE for x86 would be one
> criteria to survive the next (October 2018?) release. POSTCAR_STAGE
> for May 2019. I am probably too late to make such wishes, but I hope
> these will happen in the next two years nevertheless.
> Kyösti


S3 is __not__ working on my KCMA-D8. The last time I tried, I had to
remove the power cord for a couple of seconds to be able to boot again.

Interestingly, this issue looks similar to another one I had with a
flash chip which seems not to be supported by coreboot. Here the
relevant part of the logs regarding the bad chip:
Manufacturer: ef
SF: Unsupported Winbond ID 4014
SF: Unsupported manufacturer!

Coreboot did work well, but froze sometimes when booting during the
assigning resources step (more or less exactly after assigning the PCI
14.3 or PNP 002e.2 device, which happen to be close to each other inside
the devicetree). I had to remove the power cord in order to be able to
boot again (or to get the next random freeze...). Rarely, after such an
recovery, I have got flooded by IOMMU warnings in Linux which would only
disappear after another reboot.

Replacing the chip seems to have solved this random boot freeze problem.
But maybe the S3 issue and the issue I had with the wrong chip are
related as they both lock down the machine until I remove the power cord.


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