[coreboot] KGPE-D16: Trouble using three PCIe cards simultaneously

Taiidan at gmx.com Taiidan at gmx.com
Fri Jun 8 01:57:12 CEST 2018

Forgot to say - a theory is that the issue may be that you lack enough
lanes in the slot you are using.
As ASUS was cheap they didn't add a second northbridge to obtain more
PCI-e lanes as was done with the TYAN boards so while the slots are x16
physical you can't run all of them at that all the time - I would
consult the manual to see which is which I believe the configurations
are either x16 x8 x8 x4 or x16 x16 x4 (both also can use the PIKE slot
which part of it is a reversed PCI-e slot connected to the southbridge
rather than the northbridge)

Using an x8 slot with bifurcation and 4 x4 M2 cards could mean that you
lack enough lanes to bifurcate all 4 - as an experiment I suggest
hooking up the card to an x16 configured slot and putting your GPU in
the x8 slot instead (you won't notice a difference)

As you are able to hook up two M2 cards it appears that bifurcation is
working as I don't see any information that indicates you having a
switched card.

I suggest emailing my directly via your other email account as I am
moderated on the coreboot ML so replies take a long time - also I don't
like emailing gmail addresses.

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