[coreboot] USB cannot work

Hilbert Tu(杜睿哲_Pegatron) Hilbert_Tu at pegatroncorp.com
Fri Aug 24 04:22:15 CEST 2018

Hi Nico,

Thanks for your comments.
Do you know how to check USB2.0/USB3.0 in Grub2? I am trying to prove it. But another question is then why EHCI driver cannot work when running with Coreboot on Denverton-NS platform? Is that due to only xHCI controller in Denverton-NS?


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Hi Hilbert,

Am 23.08.18 um 09:14 schrieb Hilbert Tu(杜睿哲_Pegatron):
> Yes, you are right. So can I say Grub2’s driver has issues in supporting
> Denverton xHCI controller? I just want a root cause to explain why USB
> cannot work in this case. Thanks.

I still believe that GRUB doesn't have an xHCI driver. Broadwell-DE has
an EHCI controller (alongside the xHCI one) and Rangeley only had EHCI.
So you probably always used GRUB with its EHCI driver before.

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