[coreboot] Thinkpad X230, Intel ME and Wake on Lan

Jan Malakhovski oxij at oxij.org
Sun Apr 29 21:51:50 CEST 2018


An update for the future explorers of the thread.

I tried flashing X230 with the following ROMs:

- coreboot + vendor ME,
- coreboot + cleaned ME,
- coreboot + cleaned trimmed ME with relocated FPTR (ROMB + BUP).

I expected WoL power trick to stop working with the second ROM, but,
surprisingly, it still works. Makes me really wonder what function ME's
NFTP has, what code actually implements WoL, and where is the bit that
toggles it then?

By the way, with the last ROM IFB + GBE + cleaned relocated ME use less
than 100K of flash out of the available 12M (the rest is filled with
0xff and coreboot). 11.9M is a lot of space to play with. That's more
flash than my router has and I fit Linux + sbase + ubase + stripped-down
Emacs there, just saying :)

Also, coreboot with cleaned ME doesn't modify the flash from the second
boot on (it writes memory training results on the first boot), which,
finally, feels like a sane state of things (i.e. the machine can now do
an unlimited number of reboots without wearing-out the flash).


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