[coreboot] [URGENT] - The KCMA-D8 is going to be removed from coreboot unless people cough up a board status update

Duncan dguthrie at posteo.net
Fri Apr 27 01:13:00 CEST 2018

How urgent is "urgent" given that the board remains in git, and all it
takes is for a new board status to be submitted (and any bugs fixed)?

If it is so urgent, why don't you submit a report instead of phrasing
your email in a panic-like and accusatory manner?

Taiidan at gmx.com:
> This is a great board that many use and it DOES work - it needs a status
> update ASAP to prevent it from being removed in the next release.
> I am unable to do this myself as I use mine for an important router.
> At the rate things are going soon there will be no non-development
> boards that are still in the repos due to the arbitrary increasing of
> standards.

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