[coreboot] Coreboot on X230 and Dualboot / How to make it work

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Fri Sep 29 10:52:24 CEST 2017

Hi 799,

On 28.09.2017 00:38, One7two99 via coreboot wrote:
> Hello,
> after reading the dd howtos it seems that the 12 MB coreboot.rom file can be split like this:
> # Split first 8MB of coreboot.rom (bottom-chip)
> dd if=coreboot.rom of=x230-coreboot-8mb.rom bs=1024 count=$[1024*8] skip=0

That gives the same as `bs=1M count=8` it's just a weirder way to tell

> # Split last 4MB of coreboot.rom (top-chip)
> dd if=coreboot.rom of=x230-coreboot-4mb.rom bs=1024 count=$[1024*4] skip=$[1024*8]
> at least this is what I did - while it was good enough that my X230 is booting up I still can't boot the secondary payloads (I have choosen nvramcui and coreinfo).

I suspect some misconfiguration or that something confuses the libpay-
load VGA driver (which these two secondary payload rely on).

> As mentioned I am writing a howto whch is target at a newbie user, who has basic linux skills and has just about coreboot and wants to try it out.
> I've run the following steps (I've already written the howto which covers more information about each step, but unfortunately I can't access the wiki as an editor, asked for it already).
> If you thing I've missed out important steps, I am happy to hear your comments.

Don't think you missed anything and your ways to split the image seem
fine. But you might do too much already. Especially flashing anything
but the BIOS region when you want to track down coreboot issues makes
things harder to reason about.

> 12) Configure Coreboot (make nconfig)
>     choose parameters/features and add the 4 binary blobs (step 8 and 11)

Please attach your .config file. Nobody can say anything for sure with-
out knowing what you chose.


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