[coreboot] Intel Leaf Hill Coreboot Trouble

Cameron Craig Cameron.Craig at exterity.com
Wed Sep 27 14:01:06 CEST 2017

Hi All,

I’m currently trying to get coreboot working on an Intel Leaf Hill development board, we are using U-Boot as a payload.

I have managed to create a bootable image using an out of date copy of coreboot and U-Boot, provided by Intel under NDA.
The stitching process used to generate the image is a little ugly: a set of Windows tools are provided (or pointed at) by Intel to stitch the various blobs together to create an 8MB image.
We would like to move away from this process. Using the cbfs tool it looks like we are getting a legacy image composed entirely of a single CBFS.

However, as far as I understand, the latest coreboot release (v4.6) should be capable of producing a 16MB working image without the use of external tools.
This is of course dependent on the provision of the correct binary blobs such as the FSP, flash descriptor and IFWI.
I have attached the descriptor of the IFWI image being used.

This is the process I have followed in order to generate a coreboot image:

1.       Clone coreboot (v4.6)

2.       Obtain Apollo Lake FSP from Intel (https://github.com/IntelFSP/FSP)

3.       Split FSP into its constituent parts (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tianocore/edk2/master/IntelFsp2Pkg/Tools/SplitFspBin.py)

4.       Extract Flash Descriptor from an existing Leaf Hill UEFI image (./ifdtool --extract leaf_hill_ref_board_uefi.bin)

5.       Obtain IFWI image from Intel (Apollo Lake Technical Library)

6.       make menuconfig (config file is attached)

a.       Mainboard

                                                               i.      Mainboard vendor (Intel)

                                                             ii.      Mainboard model (Leafhill)

                                                            iii.      [*] Use IFWI Stitching

                                                           iv.      (IFWI) section in .fmd file to place IFWI blob

                                                             v.      (IFWI_SPI.bin) Path to image coming from FIT Tool

                                                           vi.      (descriptor.bin) path to descriptor.bin

                                                          vii.      (Fsp_M.fd) path to FSP-M.Fv blob

                                                        viii.      (Fsp_S.fd) path to FSP-S.Fv

b.      Payload

                                                               i.      Add a payload (U-Boot (Experimental))

                                                             ii.      U-Boot version (v2016.1)

                                                            iii.      (coreboot-x86_defconfig) U-Boot config file

c.       The rest are at Leaf Hill defaults.

7.       make

8.       Flash image to Leaf Hill SPI flash

As far as I can tell, this process should produce a working image.
However it does not. My most recent attempt has managed to blink the PWR_OK LED, suggesting the PMIC/PMC is working, but no serial messages.
Other than that, I currently have no working theories as to what the root cause is ☹

Is there anything obviously wrong with this process?
Are there any bugs that I should be aware of relating to coreboot on an Apollo Lake platform?
I haven’t found a lot of documentation online to describe the exact configuration and blob usage, are there any relevant sources of documentation you could point me towards?

Any help to answer the above, or any other advice would be greatly appreciated.


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