[coreboot] Random Shutdown on Thinkpad X220

Philipp Stanner stanner at posteo.de
Mon Oct 30 14:22:00 CET 2017

Am Sonntag, den 29.10.2017, 23:28 +0800 schrieb Tom Li via coreboot:
> Do you ever encountered a problem like this? What is your suggestion
> for me
> to try before replacing the motherboard?
> Cheers,
> Tom Li

Just to be absolutely sure:
Did you make sure the Intel ME is in place and undamaged? It is known
that modern computers shut down when the ME is touched.
This should happen after a certain time, though (30 min ?), and it
shouldn't occur randomely like in your case.

Still, if you changed the IME I'd try reflashing an image with an
untouched ME and test the machine.

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