[coreboot] Random Shutdown on Thinkpad X220

tomli at tomli.me tomli at tomli.me
Tue Oct 31 01:20:20 CET 2017

>> Do you ever encountered a problem like this? What is your suggestion
>> for me
>> to try before replacing the motherboard?

> Just to be absolutely sure:
> Did you make sure the Intel ME is in place and undamaged? It is known
> that modern computers shut down when the ME is touched.
> This should happen after a certain time, though (30 min ?), and it
> shouldn't occur randomely like in your case.

It's definitely not the 30-minute shutdown.

Since the first day I got the machine, the ME has been stripped down
using the me_cleaner script. I also set the AltMeDisable bit later on.
Although these two modes don't really have a observable difference.

> Still, if you changed the IME I'd try reflashing an image with an
> untouched ME and test the machine.
> P.

I don't think Intel ME is involved doing the black magic here, but I'll
probably test to run the machine with stock ME firmware when I have time.

Tom Li

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