[coreboot] 2nd attempt: Coreboot + Windows (with Resume working)

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> Hello,
> I had to reflash my stock original BIOS after I couldn't get Sleep&Resume
> working on my Lenovo X230.
> I am in a situation where I was able to get 2 situations:
> 1) Situation 1:
> working sleep+resume in Linux.
> Additional Payloads works.
> Booting into windows (I have a dual boot setup) results in a black screen
> (no video output)

I assume you're using native graphics init here?  In the non-VBIOS init
case, the Intel Windows driver expects that the IGD OpRegion ACPI data will
be valid/populated, and one of the things needed is the VBT (video bios
table) data.  This data can be extracted by coreboot from an included (but
not executed) VBIOS, or via a separate vbt.bin file.  Without one of these
two options, you get a black screen.  There might also be some other fields
in the IGD OpRegion that need to be set correctly.  I have all of this
working in my own tree, but haven't had a chance to determine which are
essential and upstream them.

> 2) Situation 2:
> Extracting the BLOBs from the original ROM and adding them to my Coreboot
> Bios and using SeaBIOS I was able to boot into windows with graphics.
> Unfortunately this breaks:
> - Sleep & Resume
> - additional Payloads won't work

define "breaks sleep and resume."  Breaks how?  what OS(es)?  Are you
re-running the VBIOS on S3 resume?  If so, I'd deselect that option/

> As I really need to get sleep & resume working an I also want to be able
> to boot into windows for special use cases (business) I want to rebuild
> Coreboot from scratch.
> Unfortunately I did so several times, no results.
> I don't think that the Use Case "Coreboot + Windows + Sleep Resume" is so
> uncommon and would like to hear if someone has a running setup and what you
> did to make it work.

I have suspend/resume working under both Windows and Linux, using the

NGI + vbt.bin + SeaBIOS
NGI + vbt.bin + Tianocore
VBIOS + Tianocore
vbt.bin + UEFI GOP driver + Tianocore

so it's just figuring out what you're missing

> Giving up sleep/resume to get the additional freedom of Coreboot is a big
> trade-off.
> Regards
> [799]
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