[coreboot] 2nd attempt: Coreboot + Windows (with Resume working)

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Sat Nov 11 11:03:22 CET 2017


I had to reflash my stock original BIOS after I couldn't get Sleep&Resume working on my Lenovo X230.

I am in a situation where I was able to get 2 situations:

1) Situation 1:
working sleep+resume in Linux.
Additional Payloads works.
Booting into windows (I have a dual boot setup) results in a black screen (no video output)

2) Situation 2:
Extracting the BLOBs from the original ROM and adding them to my Coreboot Bios and using SeaBIOS I was able to boot into windows with graphics.
Unfortunately this breaks:
- Sleep & Resume
- additional Payloads won't work

As I really need to get sleep & resume working an I also want to be able to boot into windows for special use cases (business) I want to rebuild Coreboot from scratch.
Unfortunately I did so several times, no results.

I don't think that the Use Case "Coreboot + Windows + Sleep Resume" is so uncommon and would like to hear if someone has a running setup and what you did to make it work.

Giving up sleep/resume to get the additional freedom of Coreboot is a big trade-off.


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