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Hello Robert,

Wednesday, November 8, 2017, 3:36:16 PM, you wrote:

RW> 2) About proprietary BIOS
RW> Is it possible to download a "full" BIOS (with descriptor, me,
RW> ...), like it is stored on the mainboard flash chip?, because on
RW> the lenovo support webpage I can only find BIOS-Updates, with an
RW> empty offset for the descriptor, the intel me and the GbE followed
RW> by the BIOS. And this .FL1 file is even biggen then 8 MiB, maybe
RW> because it also includes the EC?

Phoenix updates usually include a trailer with some platform-specific info (flash
chip details or sometimes even a complete UEFI or win32 flash driver).
If you see the bytes 42 43 D6 D6 00 31 31 00 at a "round" address, that's the trailer
which can usually be cut off to get a plain BIOS binary (the result may be either a
complete flash image or just the BIOS region which would have to be
stitched back into the dump).

Sometimes the FL1/FL2 may also be compressed with BPCVPD compression and/or have
a special structure pointing to sub-regions (Bios, Me, Ec,


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