[coreboot] Problems changing payload on Intel Leaf Hill

Tahnia Lichtenstein unlich at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 08:15:34 CET 2017

Hi Ahwan,

CONFIG_VGA_BIOS_ID="1106,3230"  (how to know and confirm this is my ID? is
this important?)

Run a linux instance on the board (using the BIOS/bootloader that came with
the board) and run the following command in a linux terminal:
lspci -nn

This will give you a list of PCI devices with their device ID's, search for
the VGA device in this list. On my Oxbow Hill the VGA device's ID
is 8086,5a84 (I think most onboard Intel devices start with 8086, and I
think Intel's display devices are standardised to be either 5a84 or 5a85...
but I am speaking under correction).

I have this configured (and at last it's working, yay!!!! Much joy!)
CONFIG_VGA_BIOS_FILE="../intel/fsp/mainboard/leafhill/bxt_1003.dat" (this
file came with the Intel distribution of coreboot,
named Apollo_Lake_CB_MR1, Apollo_Lake_CB_MR2 or Apollo_Lake_CB_MR3. You can
ask your FAE for these folders, as I think the links are no longer
available for download anymore.)

My config file is attached, but I am not currently using coreboot master, I
am using the above mentioned Intel variants of coreboot (based on very
outdated coreboot commit!) So there will be drastic differences with
regards to coreboot architecture, and not sure if my VGA setup will work
with coreboot master branch. Not sure yet if I am going to migrate to
coreboot master branch.

Good luck :)


On Tue, Nov 7, 2017 at 5:59 AM, ahW at n via coreboot <coreboot at coreboot.org>

> Hi Cameron,
> Checked the postcodes and yes, last code is 0x93.
> And from the debug I noticed there are a lot of *"CBFS:  Unmatched xxxxx"*
> print out.
> Do you get similar outputs from yours?
> BTW, still wondering I was using the correct binaries in my config or not.
> What about yours settings for these ... :-
>    CONFIG_VGA_BIOS_ID="1106,3230"  (how to know and confirm this is my
> ID? is this important?)
>    CONFIG_VGA_BIOS_FILE="3rdparty/blobs/mainboard/intel/apollolake_rvp/Vbt.bsf"
> (I have Vbt.bin and Vbt.bsf downloaded from Intel FSP_MR3, am I pionting to
> the correct one?)
>    CONFIG_FMDFILE="src/mainboard/intel/leafhill/
> leafhill.$(CONFIG_COREBOOT_ROMSIZE_KB).fmd" (OK to use fmd from leafhill?)
>    CONFIG_INTEL_GMA_VBT_FILE="3rdparty/blobs/mainboard/
> intel/apollolake_rvp/Vbt.bin"
>    CONFIG_CHECKLIST_DATA_FILE_LOCATION="src/vendorcode/intel/fsp/fsp2_0/checklist"
> (I actually didn't see this file exist, is this important?)
> ​Thank you.
> - ahwan​
> On Mon, Nov 6, 2017 at 10:45 PM, Cameron Craig <Cameron.Craig at exterity.com
> > wrote:
>> Hi Ahwan,
>> >coreboot-4.6-1941-g383ef6e-dirty Wed Nov  1 21:59:08 UTC 2017 ramstage
>> >starting...
>> >BS: BS_PRE_DEVICE times (us): entry 2 run 2 exit 0
>> >FMAP: Found "FLASH" version 1.1 at 300000.
>> >FMAP: base = 0 size = 1000000 #areas = 11
>> >FMAP: area COREBOOT found @ 300800 (12179456 bytes) CBFS @ 300800 size
>> >b9d800
>> >CBFS: 'IAFW Locator' located CBFS at [300800:e9e000)
>> >CBFS: Locating 'fsps.bin'
>> >CBFS: Found @ offset 717c0 size 2a000
>> >FMAP: area COREBOOT found @ 300800 (12179456 bytes) CBFS @ 300800 size
>> >b9d800
>> >CBFS: 'IAFW Locator' located CBFS at [300800:e9e000)
>> >CBFS: Locating 'vbt.bin'
>> >CBFS: Found @ offset 9b800 size 1a00
>> >
>> >
>> >I think I totally lost :(
>> >please let me know if you have any idea on how I can debug further.
>> >Thank you.
>> >
>> >-ahwan
>> To me this looks like the FspSiliconInit() hang that a few of us are
>> experiencing with the ApolloLake FSP MR3.
>> This has been raised with Intel. In the meantime I'm trying to get my
>> hands on the MR2 FSP (which should just work) through my Intel rep.
>> You could turn on postcodes in the coreboot menuconfig, and if the last
>> postcode is 0x93 (about to call FspSiliconInit()), then you might have the
>> same problem.
>> Cheers,
>> Cameron
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