[coreboot] Who has experience with the Intel RVP7 (or RVP15) CRB?

Jay Talbott JayTalbott at sysproconsulting.com
Sat Nov 4 01:26:12 CET 2017

I'm trying to get coreboot up and running on an Intel RVP15 CRB, which is
the same as the RVP7 except that the RVP15 has DDR4 memory instead of DDR3.


There is a mainboard solution for the RVP7 in coreboot. However, the current
KabyLake FSP published on GitHub doesn't seem like it's the right FSP for
the SkyLake-U/KabyLake-U. If nothing else, there's a problem with that FSP
such that the signature in the FSP-M UPD header does not match the signature
in the corresponding header files, so when the FSP 2.0 driver in coreboot
goes to check that they are a match, execution dies right there.


     if (upd->FspUpdHeader.Signature != FSPM_UPD_SIGNATURE)

           die("Invalid FSPM signature!\n");


(coreboot/src/drivers/intel/fsp2_0/memory_init.c, in function


I don't want to bypass that check in the code in case the FSP posted to
GitHub isn't the right FSP for this particular SoC.


Obviously, somebody at Intel has the right FSP that works for these boards
in order to validate that the coreboot implementation worked prior to
upstreaming it to the repo. I'm just not sure how to get the right one so
that I can get this booting.


Furthermore, I have yet to get the serial console working on the DB-9 serial
port. I have the jumpers on the board configured to connect it to UART #2,
and configured in coreboot accordingly, but I get nothing for console


Any help would be most appreciated!




- Jay


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