[coreboot] Problems changing payload on Intel Leaf Hill

Cameron Craig Cameron.Craig at exterity.com
Fri Nov 3 17:34:31 CET 2017

Hi Tahnia,

>*	I have all the blobs around coreboot, except the VBIOS... I have tried
>all the options in https://www.coreboot.org/VGA_support
><https://www.coreboot.org/VGA_support> , but I suspect the reference
>bootloader images provided by Intel does not use a VBIOS file. I also cannot
>find a suitable VBIOS on Intel's website. (By the way, thanks for the FIT
>decomposition tip, I did not know this was possible... I took great pains to find
>the correct blobs on Intel's website, would have been much easier to just use
>FIT!) Where did you obtain a VBIOS file?

I did manage to get something that *could* be the right vbios blob by using the instructions in the link you just provided.
I used UEFITool to open the UEFI BIOS that came with the Leafhill CRB and searched for "VGA Compatible BIOS".
I could then extract the blob to a file.

As far as I can tell the file that Mario used (vbt.dat) is from the Coreboot package available from Intel.
Mario will be able to correct me if I'm wrong.

The exact location to download this package escapes me :)
Now that I think of it, if anyone does know the Intel website to download the coreboot package (Apollo_Lake_CB_MR3),
a reminder of the link would be greatly appreciated.


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