[coreboot] Problems changing payload on Intel Leaf Hill

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Fri Nov 3 08:37:36 CET 2017

Hi Mario,

I read your reply and saw you have APL CRB Oxbow Hill with coreboot +
SeaBios running.
I am using the same board and wanted to build the coreboot but failed.
I think I have the required files ready (bootable UEFI BIOS file,
fitimage.bin, Fsp.fd ...)
But still failed to build my coreboot.
I wonder I am having correct .config settings.
Can you share your settings?
I check the attachment in previous list but all that is for leafhill, I
wonder are they same and valid for both Oxbox Hill and Leafhill?
Please advise, thank you.

- ahwan

> Scheithauer, Mario Mario.Scheithauer at siemens.com
> Wed Nov 1 16:28:45 CET 2017
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> Hi Tahnia,
> We have an APL CRB Oxbow Hill (B0-stepping) with coreboot (master) +
SeaBios (master) running.
> Attached are all necessary coreboot adaptions and the config file for
> After the generation, a hack in coreboot.rom is still necessary so that
SeaBios can find the VBIOS.
> SeaBios expects at the end of the CBFS the address from the beginning of
the CBFS section (see SeaBiosPointer.jpg).
> Furthermore you have to pay attention to the IGD PCI ID. Intel uses
different PCI Device IDs in different CPU versions for IGD (5a84 or 5a85).
> The console output only works via MMIO on the CRB. Therefore you need the
LPSS UART0 Micro USB port.
> With all these adjustments we can boot a system on the CRB and have full
console output.
> Now you just need all the necessary blobs around coreboot (IFWI, FSP,
VBIOS, uCode).
> You can use the Intel FIT tool to separate the most of the components
from the original BIOS.
> Hope that helps,
> Mario
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