[coreboot] [VERY IMPORTANT] Announcement regarding Apollo Lake Coreboot building

ahW@n ahwan1981 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 3 02:14:08 CET 2017


and others,

I wanted to build coreboot for APL CRP too.

Tried to compile but failed at last command I think.

*Image written successfully to build/cbfs/fallback/ifwi.bin.tmp.*

*INFO: Performing operation on 'IFWI' region...*

*E: Image is missing 'IFWI' region*

*E: The image will be left unmodified.*

*src/soc/intel/apollolake/Makefile.inc:128: recipe for target 'files_added'

*make: *** [files_added] Error 1*

Have been searching around for solution and correct steps to do so but
still no luck...

Have you get your APL coreboot working?

I tried CONFIG_IFWI_FILE_NAME pointed to an original UEFI BIOS file (direct
SPI flashable binary, tested).

Also tried use FIT to regenerate new file with changes below:-

  Platform Protection/Platform Integrity OOEM Public Key Hash => 00..00

  Platform Protection/Boot Guard Configuration/ Boot profile 2 => 0

I am not sure I have the correct .config

Anyone here can advise  what I am doing wrong or am I missing anything?

Thank you.

user at localhost:~/coreboot$ build/util/cbfstool/cbfstool build/coreboot.rom

Name                           Offset     Type           Size   Comp

cbfs master header             0x0        cbfs header        32 none

fallback/romstage              0x80       stage           26852 none

cpu_microcode_blob.bin         0x69c0     microcode           0 none

fallback/ramstage              0x6a40     stage           67533 none

vgaroms/seavgabios.bin         0x17280    raw             26624 none

config                         0x1db00    raw               424 none

revision                       0x1dd00    raw               576 none

fallback/postcar               0x1df80    stage           16464 none

fallback/dsdt.aml              0x22040    raw                99 none

fallback/payload               0x22100    payload         63073 none

payload_config                 0x317c0    raw              1632 none

payload_revision               0x31e80    raw               239 none

(empty)                        0x31fc0    null          8052440 none

mrc.cache                      0x7dfec0   mrc_cache       65536 none

(empty)                        0x7eff00   null            32664 none

bootblock                      0x7f7ec0   bootblock       32768 none

user at localhost:~/coreboot$ build/util/cbfstool/ifwitool
./build/cbfs/fallback/ifwi.bin.tmp print

Header                    BPDT

Signature                 0x000055aa

Descriptor count          13

BPDT Version              1

XOR checksum              0x0

IFWI Version              0x0

FIT Tool Version          0x472000c00000003

BPDT entries

Entry #                  Sub-Partition            Name
Type                     Flags                    Offset
Size                     File Offset


1                        DLMP                     CSE_IDLM
9                        0x00000000               0x0
0x0                      0x0

2                        IFP_OVERRIDE             IFP_OVERRIDE
10                       0x00000000               0x200
0x10                     0x200

3                        S_BPDT                   S-BPDT
5                        0x00000000               0xe9000
0x149000                 0xe9000

4                        RBEP                     CSE_RBE
1                        0x00000000               0x69000
0xa000                   0x69000

5                        UFS_PHY                  UFS Phy
12                       0x00000000               0x0
0x0                      0x0

6                        UFS_GPP                  UFS GPP
      13                       0x00000000
0x0                      0x0                      0x0

7                        UEP                      UEP
17                       0x00000000               0x210
    0x108                    0x210

8                        IBBP                     Bootblock
4                        0x00000000               0x1000
0x64000                  0x1000

9                        SMIP                     SMIP
0                        0x00000000               0x65000
0x4000                   0x65000

10                       PMCP                     PMC firmware
14                       0x00000000               0x73000
0x10000                  0x73000

11                       FTPR                     CSE_BUP
2                        0x00000000               0x83000
0x5c000                  0x83000

12                       UCOD                     Microcode
3                        0x00000000               0xdf000
0x8000                   0xdf000

13                       DEBUG_TOKENS             Debug Tokens
11                       0x00000000               0xe7000
0x2000                   0xe7000


Header                    S-BPDT

Signature                 0x000055aa

Descriptor count          3

BPDT Version              1

XOR checksum              0x0

IFWI Version              0x0

FIT Tool Version          0x472000c00000003

S-BPDT entries

Entry #                  Sub-Partition            Name
Type                     Flags                    Offset
            Size                     File Offset


1                        IUNP                     IUNIT
15                       0x00000000               0xea000
0x2000                   0xea000

2                        NFTP                     CSE_MAIN
7                        0x00000000               0xec000
0x106000                 0xec000

3                        ISHP                     ISH
8                        0x00000000               0x1f2000
0x40000                  0x1f2000

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