[coreboot] USB problem with Haswell+LynxPointLP motherboards

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Thu Nov 2 20:05:34 CET 2017


On 27.10.2017 14:14, Аладышев Константин wrote:
> Ok, I’ve found one more solution: don’t generate ACPI C-state tables.

the possible workarounds all seem very unrelated to me. There is a high
chance that your outdated kernels contain too much undefined behaviour
and the only thing you change by all these workarounds is the outcome
of a race. I have seen this more than once. A different firmware may
change the timing of events in the kernel slightly and trigger different
bugs thereby. Last time I spent days to prove coreboot innocent, it
turned out that our kernel issue (EC/keyboard related) also showed up
when I disabled serial UARTs in the vendor BIOS. The kernel tried to
initialize the keyboard few milliseconds earlier and BOOM ;)


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