[coreboot] BayTrail PCIe problems (hangup) in FSP (in U-Boot)

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Thu Nov 2 16:44:17 CET 2017

Hi Ron,

On 02.11.2017 16:20, ron minnich wrote:
> Simon Glass has done excellent work with making u-boot run as a coreboot 
> payload for at least 5 years now. You might want to talk to him. It 
> might help avoid a lot of unnecessary work. Just a thought.

I'm in contact with Simon, thanks for the notice. He also did a lot of
work on getting U-Boot running as a standalone bootloader on some x86
platforms (e.g. MinnowMax). I understand that it is debatable, if this
is "needed" or not. Even though diversity might help all parties - at
least from my point of view.

In this special case, I might have triggered a bug / issue in the Intel
FSP and solving this might also help the coreboot project / community.


> On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 7:31 AM Peter Stuge <peter at stuge.se 
> <mailto:peter at stuge.se>> wrote:
>     Hi Stefan,
>     Stefan Roese wrote:
>      > I'm facing a PCIe init related problem most likely caused in the
>      > Intel FSP in our BayTrail U-Boot port (not coreboot!). I hope you
>      > don't mind me posting this question on this coreboot list, since
>      > here many more people are present with Intel FSP knowledge.
>     I think you are actively hurting the overall ecosystem by working on
>     a different project (FSP in U-Boot) which overlaps with coreboot
>     efforts.
>     The only thing that makes sense is for U-Boot to focus on being a
>     payload that is started by coreboot (this has already been done) and
>     for your issues to be solved within the coreboot frame.
>     Anything else is an obviously selfish effort by Denx and I don't see
>     why the coreboot community would support that. Please know that I
>     have no bias against Denx, since I had no experience with Denx I
>     thus far always erred on the side of giving benefit of the doubt.
>     At the very least, you should have framed your question in a coreboot
>     setting, if you want to engage with the coreboot community.
>     That is of course still very much possible.
>     //Peter
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