[coreboot] Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e (1st Gen, Win10 variant)

Christopher Grossarth cgrossarth at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 13:10:33 CET 2017

Thanks for the swift reply.

I didn't say I thought this would be easy. I know porting to a new board
isn't a trivial task but that's what we try to do here, no?

Do you know of a tool for extracting the EC for comparison?

And if there are any nuts and bolts folks out there, I'd like to hear ideas.

Struggle is my middle name.


C. "Struggle" Grossarth

On Mon, Mar 20, 2017, 5:47 AM John Lewis <jlewis at johnlewis.ie> wrote:

Hi C Grossarth,

Well, the Win variant will have a different EC for a start, so if you're
expecting to be able to build and flash coreboot for the Chromebook variant
with minimal changes, you will probably struggle. Other people will know
much more what's required than I though - I just have reasonably high-level
knowledge, not nuts and bolts.



On 20/03/17 02:38, Christopher Grossarth wrote:

Hello All,

I have been exploring coreboot, and have successfully built and flashed it
on a MacBook 2,1. Initially I was using Libreboot, but wanted more control
over the end result.

I bought a Lenovo ChromeBook Yoga 11e 1st Gen), but swiftly returned it
after I realized the product description on Lenovo's page mislabeled it as
having SSD and RAM modules. The ChromeBook version has eMMC and soldered on

The Windows 10 version of the same variety (Intel Celeron N2930)  has a SSD
and a replaceable/upgradeable RAM module.
The ChromeBook variant is codenamed Glimmer.

I would like to know what steps would be necessary to build and flash
coreboot onto the Win10 board.
Most importantly, how would I go about extracting the information so that I
can edit the Glimmer config overlays to reflect the hardware config in the
Win10 variant?

Many Thanks in advance,

C Grossarth.
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