[coreboot] RYZen single APU design

Zoran Stojsavljevic zoran.stojsavljevic at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 06:03:45 CET 2017

Hello Coreboot folks,

I have couple of interesting questions here.

Recently, I have started learning about AMD (RYZen did not live me
unemotional), so after reading several articles (especially one with AMD

I found/got from this article very interesting thought: AMD's APU, as shown
on this picture, could be left alone, even not connecting Chipset/PCH!?

I know that for INTEL this is impossible to do. With early INTEL ME
involvement to HW bring up (wrt PMIC and EC), I am wondering if this is
very similar architecture with AMD?

[image: Inline image 1]

[1] Did anybody try some proprietary embedded design, with AMD's APU all
alone (is it at all possible)?
[2] if [1] true, does anybody have some HW schema showing in details how
this is done/designed?
[3] if [1] is true. does Coreboot support such AMD designs (sans

Thank you,
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