[coreboot] Where to get ME image/flash descriptors for the x220?

Taiidan at gmx.com Taiidan at gmx.com
Sun Mar 5 11:10:18 CET 2017

Well I managed to download the latest BIOS from the lenovo site, which 
includes an ME update now the issue is that I can't seem to figure out 
how to extract it from the .FL1 and .FL2 files.

I would also like to know as to how I can re-flash the EC firmware if 
that could potentially cause problems, I of course do not know if it has 

If I was a foreign intel service I would definitely be selling thinkpads 
on ebay, considering that sysadmins and programmers are the only ones 
who buy them.
On 02/20/2017 05:16 PM, Taiidan at gmx.com wrote:
> I want generic ones, not the sketchy extracted ones that came with my 
> fleabay laptop.
> The lenovo website doesn't work on my computer BTW

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