[coreboot] Reminder: The maiing list vs forum poll closes in just under 24 hours.

Vadim Bendebury vbendeb at chromium.org
Sat Mar 4 03:06:21 CET 2017

Wasn't Martin suggesting to add the results to the poll anonymously,
without revealing the originator's identity?

Come on, guys, Google is a major contributor and benefactor of coreboot,
give it some slack!  ;)


On Fri, Mar 3, 2017 at 2:38 PM, <i1w5d7gf38keg at tutanota.com> wrote:

> I would also really prefer a non-google poll.
> Taiidan wrote "I also do not like contributing to machine learning or
> advertising databases."
> You wrote "If people want to just email me responses, I can fill them into
> the form on their behalf."
> Thats exactly what he didnt want. He didnt want to feed skynet. Of course
> he also didnt want that you feed it for him with the data he provide to
> anyone.
> Would be really great if some free software running on the coreboot
> servers is been used for coreboot polls.
> 3. Mar 2017 20:27 by gaumless at gmail.com:
> Hey Talidan,
>   If someone wants to suggest a different site for doing polls, I'd be
> glad to take a look, but I'm probably not going to change away from Google
> forms unless we find something comparable.  It's easy to make the forms,
> easy to take the poll, and easy to collect, analyze, and view the data.
> As a compromise, for future polls that I send out, I can send out a list
> of the questions out to the mailing list as well. If people want to just
> email me responses, I can fill them into the form on their behalf.  That
> way you don't have to deal with the site, but we can still use something
> that's easy to work with.
> Would that work for you?
> Martin
> On Fri, Mar 3, 2017 at 3:03 AM, Taiidan at gmx.com <Taiidan at gmx.com> wrote:
>> On 03/03/2017 01:45 AM, Martin Roth wrote:
>> As brought up in the previous coreboot community meeting, the coreboot
>>> project
>>> is discussing the idea of switching from the mailing list to a forum.
>>> This
>>> idea did not originate with the coreboot leadership, but from a request
>>> by
>>> members of the community.
>>> I know many people have some strong feelings about this one way or the
>>> other.  Right now we're just collecting data on how people feel about it,
>>> and looking for suggestions on ways to either improve the mailing list or
>>> set up a well-run forum.
>>> Here's the poll about the switch.  I will close the poll tomorrow,
>>> March 3, 2017.
>>> https://goo.gl/9Hd569
>>> Martin
>>> Thank you for reminding me.
>> For future reference I would really prefer a non-google poll - the use of
>> google services requires javascript and I don't like enabling javascript
>> due to how easily exploitable it is. I also do not like contributing to
>> machine learning or advertising databases.
>> As I have said before, most forum software discriminates against people
>> who do not wish to run a window manager and of course javascript which is
>> why I think things are fine as they are.
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