[coreboot] AMD Lenovo G505S = ok ! Please share your reports for other boards, especially Unknown status

Ivan Ivanov qmastery16 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 25 18:49:44 CEST 2017

Dear friends,

as I see by this mailing list: there are enough people using AMD
Lenovo G505S notebook but nobody has submitted a report since october
2016... I just rebuilt coreboot, tested and it boots ok - here is my
new full report :


But there are a lot of boards which have been without new reports for
a long time, or even without any reports at all! (status "Unknown") :P
If you have any of such boards, please submit a report: it may be very
helpful to other people, especially coreboot beginners who are making
their first purchase decision about the coreboot hardware. Instruction
how to produce and share your reports - could be seen at the beginning
of "Supported Motherboards" page:


For the successful execution of ./util/board_status/board_status.sh
script make sure that your utils such as cbmem and cbfstool - have
been successfully compiled. If you still have some trouble: open that
board_status.sh script, check how it works and maybe make some edits
or extract the commands to execute them separately (while keeping in
mind the environmental variables)

After you successfully submit, your report will be added to
board_status repository and should be visible at
Supported_Motherboards page, just wait until the 2nd minute of next
hour then refresh a page. And maybe there will be new coreboot users
with this board, thanks to your activities

Best regards,
Ivan Ivanov

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