[coreboot] Can't disable CONFIG_ENABLE_FSP_FAST_BOOT flag on Intel Baytrail platform

Naveed Ghori naveed.ghori at dti.com.au
Tue Dec 12 08:07:59 CET 2017

I have seen this before. Details are probably in the coreboot list logs somewhere.
It basically would freeze on reboot and then after about 20s reset it self.
I have bypassed the issue without actually fixing it but forcing a CPU reset on reboot.

PS: I had disabled it to ensure that bios chip was not written to, so we can now do a verify on the whole chip.
Hope this helps.

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Subject: [coreboot] Can't disable CONFIG_ENABLE_FSP_FAST_BOOT flag on Intel Baytrail platform


I'm running coreboot on an Intel Atom Bay Trail based platform. When I turn off the CONFIG_ENABLE_FSP_FAST_BOOT flag, I get stuck in the Intel FSP (it never returns) after a warm boot. The only way around it is a power cycle. Has anyone seen this before?

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