[coreboot] Success: Native gfx init on T500 with 1680x1050 display working w/o VGA blob

Merlin Büge toni at bluenox07.de
Sat Nov 19 20:01:23 CET 2016

Hi Daniel,

I'm not really qualified to answer your questions, but two things:

> - the memtest86+ payload does not boot (or it boots but shows no image, I
> don't know. Is it possible to make memtest86+ use the  1680x1050 resolution?).

The libreboot project publishes extra ROMs for memtest, which use text mode
instead of vesafb. So I think it's not possible to make it use 1680x1050.

Second, please try to break lines at 72 or 75 characters :)



Merlin Büge <toni at bluenox07.de>

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