[coreboot] X220 Wifi Suspend

Tyler Cipriani tyler at tylercipriani.com
Fri Nov 18 18:08:29 CET 2016

I recently flashed my Lenovo ThinkPad X220 with Coreboot and a SeaBIOS
payload. I made an attempt to document the whole process[0].

Initially, everything seemed to work fine. I was able to boot to SeaBIOS
which handed off to a Debian testing install (Stretch).

Now that I've used this laptop a bit, I realized that wifi appears
hardware-blocked after returning from suspend. I've found lots of pages
online with "one weird trick" to fix this, and have tried many of those
tricks to no avail :(

I've tried a couple of different Coreboot configs[1][2] neither of which
made any difference. After re-flashing the old proprietary ThinkPad BIOS
wifi comes back from suspend just fine.

I've tried both the standard intel wifi card and a card from
ThinkPenguin that uses the ath9k driver[3] using the coreboot config.

Any help or pointers anyone could give me would be much appreciated!

-- Tyler

[0]. <https://tylercipriani.com/blog/2016/11/13/coreboot-on-the-thinkpad-x220-with-a-raspberry-pi/>
[1]. <http://pastebin.com/Ah0fxBp5>
[2]. <http://pastebin.com/1yNSTfyj>
[3]. <https://www.thinkpenguin.com/gnu-linux/penguin-wireless-n-half-height-mini-pcie-card>
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