[coreboot] Removing Intel ME from the X230 coreboot

Nicola Corna nicola-coreboot at corna.info
Fri Nov 18 17:31:52 CET 2016

> The system did not poweroff after 30 min, but I would like to strip
> down everything I can out of the intel ME. Your approach is
> interesting. What is the minimal size you can presently get?

we didn't resized the resulting image, we kept it at 1.5 MB.

> Using your python script on my 1.5 me.bin, I get FFs after 0x906C0
> Can I adjust the IFD accordingly to scrape this extra space, or will
> I run into problems as Tramell said the ME wants to write  to its own
> partition?

You will probably run into the same problem, but you can still try if
you feel lucky.

> Have you been able to test Igor suggestions to further trim the intel
> ME?

Our spare X220 is dead at the moment, once it is running again we can
resume all the work on ME.


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