[coreboot] Powersavings: 8W of difference between bios and coreboot

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On Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 4:43 PM, Felix Held <felix-coreboot at felixheld.de>

> Hi!
> BIOS: 11W Coreboot: 19W [...]
> Can you also measure the power consumption with the GPU enabled under the
> vendor firmware?
> and no, the NVidia GPU was not enabled in corebooy. Both results were on
>> integrated GPU only
> Have you only disabled the nVidia GPU in devicetree.cb (that will only
> disable the PCIe interface on the CPU side) or have you also disabled the
> GPU power supply via the GFXCORE_ON_D signal? Since that signal is driven
> by the power management companion chip (Thinker-1), you probably have to
> talk to the EC to do that.

I don't know if Charlotte has added the ID of the dGPU to
src/drivers/lenovo/hybrid_graphics.c. Does the dGPU consume power after
hybrid_graphics.c disable the dGPU?

> Felix
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