[coreboot] Powersavings: 8W of difference between bios and coreboot

Felix Held felix-coreboot at felixheld.de
Fri Nov 18 09:43:17 CET 2016


> BIOS: 11W Coreboot: 19W [...]
Can you also measure the power consumption with the GPU enabled under 
the vendor firmware?

> and no, the NVidia GPU was not enabled in corebooy. Both results were 
> on integrated GPU only
Have you only disabled the nVidia GPU in devicetree.cb (that will only 
disable the PCIe interface on the CPU side) or have you also disabled 
the GPU power supply via the GFXCORE_ON_D signal? Since that signal is 
driven by the power management companion chip (Thinker-1), you probably 
have to talk to the EC to do that.


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