[coreboot] native video init question

Charlotte Plusplus pluspluscharlotte at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 06:43:42 CET 2016


Here is the current status of my W520:
 - native video init gives a garbled image (picture available upon request
lol). it may be due to the resolution of the screen being hardcoded
somewhere, or more likely me using the wrong information since the W520
uses 1980x1080
 - non native video works fine
 - with native ram init, the memory tends to be unstable unless great care
is used (basically blindly increasing SPD latencies and setting
 - with native ram init, even with that sometimes the boots stop on:
"discover timC write:
t123: 1048, 6000, 7620"
 - with non native ram init, there is no video
 - various dmaerr unless iommu is disabled
 - the USB3 controller is not showing in lscpi, even if I am quite sure it
is on the right PCIE (likely due to the RCBA32 I am using)
 - the modem codec is not detected by snd-hda-intel even if the probe is
 - some other unknown things may not work.

At the moment, I am trying to advance with native video first as it is a
low hanging fruit: I'm quite sure the gfx.did or LVDS settings in my
devicetree must be wrong.

How can I guess the right ones after booting with the videorom?

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