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Zoran Stojsavljevic zoran.stojsavljevic at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 22:41:19 CET 2016

Hello Riko,

I recently also became very interested to start using radare2 (Raphael
Machado's dissasembly attempts got involved me, to set the tool). Since I
am very lazy person, the first was to ask my Fedora 25 distro does the
distro have package radare2?

Yes, it does have it, so I have installed it. And for you, here is the
transcript of my CLI for you.

CLI traces (radare --help) are worth 1000nd words, don't you agree? ;-)

Best Regards,

[zoran at localhost ~]$ uname -r
[zoran at localhost ~]$ which radare2
*[zoran at localhost ~]$ radare2 --help*
radare2: invalid option -- '-'
r_config_get: variable 'lp' not found
 --           open radare2 on an empty file
 -            equivalent of 'r2 malloc://512'
 =            read file from stdin (use -i and -c to run cmds)
 -=           perform !=! command to run all commands remotely
 -0           print \x00 after init and every command
 -a [arch]    set asm.arch
 -A           run 'aaa' command to analyze all referenced code
 -b [bits]    set asm.bits
 -B [baddr]   set base address for PIE binaries
 -c 'cmd..'   execute radare command
 -C           file is host:port (alias for -c+=http://%s/cmd/)
 -d           debug the executable 'file' or running process 'pid'
 -D [backend] enable debug mode (e cfg.debug=true)
 -e k=v       evaluate config var
 -f           block size = file size
 -F [binplug] force to use that rbin plugin
 -h, -hh      show help message, -hh for long
 -i [file]    run script file
 -I [file]    run script file before the file is opened
 -k [k=v]     perform sdb query into core->sdb
 -l [lib]     load plugin file
 -L           list supported IO plugins
 -m [addr]    map file at given address (loadaddr)
 -M           do not demangle symbol names
 -n, -nn      do not load RBin info (-nn only load bin structures)
 -N           do not load user settings and scripts
 -o [OS/kern] set asm.os (linux, macos, w32, netbsd, ...)
 -q           quiet mode (no prompt) and quit after -i
 -p [prj]     use project, list if no arg, load if no file
 -P [file]    apply rapatch file and quit
 -R [rarun2]  specify rarun2 profile to load (same as -e dbg.profile=X)
 -s [addr]    initial seek
 -S           start r2 in sandbox mode
 -t           load rabin2 info in thread
 -u           set bin.filter=false to get raw sym/sec/cls names
 -v, -V       show radare2 version (-V show lib versions)
 -w           open file in write mode
 -z, -zz      do not load strings or load them even in raw
 system   /usr/share/radare2/radare2rc
 user     ~/.radare2rc ${RHOMEDIR}/radare2/radare2rc (and radare2rc.d/)
 file     ${filename}.r2
 plugins  /usr/lib/radare2/last
 user     ~/.config/radare2/plugins
 LIBR_PLUGINS /usr/lib/radare2/0.10.6-git
 RHOMEDIR     /home/zoran/.config/radare2
 RCFILE       ~/.radare2rc (user preferences, batch script)
 MAGICPATH    /usr/lib64/radare2/0.10.6-git/magic
 R_DEBUG      if defined, show error messages and crash signal
 VAPIDIR      path to extra vapi directory
 R2_NOPLUGINS do not load r2 shared plugins
 PREFIX       /usr
 INCDIR       /usr/include/libr
 LIBDIR       /usr/lib64
 LIBEXT       so
[zoran at localhost ~]$

On Sat, Nov 5, 2016 at 3:55 AM, Riko Ho <antonius.riko at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Rafael,
> For example I want to see the asm code for the whole 512Kbytes....is that
> possible ?
> How ?
> Thanks
> On 5/11/2016 3:36 AM, Rafael Machado wrote:
> Hi
> You can use the pd command.
> p = Print
> d = disassemby
> You can also add the number of instruction you whant to see. For example:
> pd 10
> Thanks
> Rafael Machado
> Em qua, 2 de nov de 2016 às 04:01, Riko Ho <antonius.riko at gmail.com>
> escreveu:
>> Everyone, Idwer,
>> I have radare question :
>> I played until this point :
>> c:>radare2 -e asm.bits=16 -e io.va=true i946gz.bin
>>   -- radare2 is WYSIWYF - what you see is what you fix
>> [f000:fff0]> S $s-0x10000 0xF000:0x0000 0x10000 0x10000 bootblk rwx
>> [f000:fff0]> e asm.segoff=true
>> [f000:fff0]> s 0xf000:0xffff0
>> [f000:ffff]>
>> How can I see the assembler code from there ? It's started from
>> FFFF0....I'm sure the last byte instruction is jump to 0x00000
>> Cheers
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> */*===*/ Kind regards, Riko Ho /*===*/ *
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