[coreboot] New custom board (Intel Baytrail FSP based on Valley Island reference design)

Naveed Ghori naveed.ghori at dti.com.au
Tue May 17 07:49:44 CEST 2016

I am bringing up a new board using coreboot as the bios.


-           Based on Intel Valley Island design (which has TPE)

-          No TPM


-          Source coreboot 4.4 release

-          Using code based on Bayley bay (Intel FSP)

-          FSP: Gold3

-          Using a bios based on Valley Island for the non-coreboot sections

The board boots, goes through romstage and then freezes early in the ramstage (before enabling any devices): see output below
To me it seems there may be a hardware issue (new board, I am suspecting memory) but I thought I would ask as someone may have seen something similar.

1)      Could the non coreboot part of the bios chip cause this.

2)      Is there a way to check memory at the rom stage.

3)      Is there any information on the memory map of the bios chip.

4)      Is there a way to check other devices at the romstage or early ram stage.

I have tried skipping the "Enumeratin busses" section but it just crashes at the next stage (I guess I cannot really expect ti to get very far without its busses).

Note: I am new to coreboot and bios development in general.
Any help, suggestion appreciated.

Output Log:
coreboot-099d78c-dirty Thu May 12 05:41:22 UTC 2016 romstage starting...
RTC Init
POST: 0x44
POST: 0x47
POST: 0x48
Starting the Intel FSP (early_init)
PM1_STS = 0x100 PM1_CNT = 0x0 GEN_PMCON1 = 0x45008
prev_sleep_state = S5
Configure Default UPD Data
PcdMrcInitSPDAddr1:             0xa0 (default)
PcdMrcInitSPDAddr2:             0xa2 (default)
PcdSataMode:            0x01 (set)
PcdLpssSioEnablePciMode:                0x01 (default)
PcdMrcInitMmioSize:             0x800 (default)
PcdIgdDvmt50PreAlloc:           0x02 (default)
PcdApertureSize:                0x02 (default)
PcdGttSize:             0x02 (default)
SerialDebugPortAddress:         0x3f8 (default)
SerialDebugPortType:            0x01 (default)
PcdMrcDebugMsg:         0x00 (default)
PcdSccEnablePciMode:            0x01 (default)
IgdRenderStandby:               0x00 (default)
TxeUmaEnable:           0x00 (default)
PcdOsSelection:         0x04 (default)
PcdEMMC45DDR50Enabled:          0x01 (default)
PcdEMMC45HS200Enabled:          0x00 (default)
PcdEMMC45RetuneTimerValue:              0x08 (default)
PcdEnableIgd:           0x00 (default)
AutoSelfRefreshEnable:          0x00 (default)
APTaskTimeoutCnt:               0x00 (default)
GTT Size:               2 MB
Tseg Size:              8 MB
Aperture Size:          256 MB
IGD Memory Size:        64 MB
MMIO Size:              2048 MB
MIPI/ISP:               Disabled
Sdio:                   Enabled
Sdcard:                 Enabled
SATA:                   Enabled
SIO Dma 0:              Enabled
SIO I2C0:               Enabled
SIO I2C1:               Enabled
SIO I2C2:               Enabled
SIO I2C3:               Enabled
SIO I2C4:               Enabled
SIO I2C5:               Enabled
SIO I2C6:               Enabled
Azalia:                 Enabled
SIO Dma1:               Enabled
Pwm0:                   Enabled
Pwm1:                   Enabled
Hsuart0:                Enabled
Hsuart1:                Enabled
Spi:                    Enabled
Lpe:                    Disabled
eMMC Mode:              eMMC 4.5
SATA Mode:              AHCI
Xhci:                   Enabled
CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at [100:1fffc0)
CBFS: Locating 'mrc.cache'
CBFS: Found @ offset fec0 size 10000
find_current_mrc_cache_local: No valid fast boot cache found.
FSP MRC cache not present.
POST: 0x92
POST: 0x4a
romstage_main_continue status: 0  hob_list_ptr: 7ae20000
FSP Status: 0x0
PM1_STS = 0x101 PM1_CNT = 0x0 GEN_PMCON1 = 0x1001808
romstage_main_continue: prev_sleep_state = S0
Baytrail Chip Variant: Bay Trail-I (ISG/embedded)
MRC v0.100
2 channels of DDR3 @ 1333MHz
POST: 0x4b
POST: 0x4c
POST: 0x4d
IMD: root @ 7adff000 254 entries.
IMD: root @ 7adfec00 62 entries.
POST: 0x4e
POST: 0x4f
CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at [100:1fffc0)
CBFS: Locating 'fallback/ramstage'
CBFS: Found @ offset 46380 size d5be

coreboot-099d78c-dirty Thu May 12 05:41:22 UTC 2016 ramstage starting...
POST: 0x39
Moving GDT to 7adfe9c0...ok
POST: 0x80
POST: 0x70
BS: BS_PRE_DEVICE times (us): entry 0 run 1168 exit 0
POST: 0x71
CBFS: 'Master Header Locator' located CBFS at [100:1fffc0)
CBFS: Locating 'cpu_microcode_blob.bin'
CBFS: Found @ offset 1ff00 size 26400
microcode: sig=0x30679 pf=0x1 revision=0x901
CPUID: 00030679
Cores: 4
Revision ID: 11
Stepping: D0
msr(17) = 0000000090041743
msr(ce) = 0000060000001700
BS: BS_DEV_INIT_CHIPS times (us): entry 0 run 30606 exit 0
POST: 0x72
Enumerating buses...
Show all devs... Before device enumeration.
Root Dev

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