[coreboot] coreboot with fsp hangs at post code 19 on Bayley Bay

Kathappan E Kathappan.E at LntTechservices.com
Fri May 13 15:01:32 CEST 2016

Hi all,

When I try coreboot on Bayley Bay platform along with fsp (BAYTRAIL_FSP_GOLD_004_22-MAY-2015), it is getting hang at post code 19.

Also I tried with debug version fsp (BAYTRAIL_FSP_GOLD_004_22-MAY-2015_DEBUG) , it still at that point and below is the debug log.

Firmware Image: Have used the 8 MB vendor bios and flashed the last 2 MB region(600000 to 7fffff) with coreboot image.

>From the debug log:  coreboot gives the control to FSP binary routine(FspInitApi) and it is getting hang when trying to do PCH initialize(PchMiscInit) inside FSP part code.


I have not seen the clock related setting available when customizing fsp binary using BCT.

I tried to disable south cluster component such as EMMC,HSUART,SATA and SIO using BCT , it didn't help me.

Can anyone please help me provide some inputs such as related below to proceed further debugging on it ?
1. Any other setting we can try out using BCT
2. About devices configuration to be initialized byPchMiscInit function.
3. Anything need to be cared/double checked from coreboot side in order to giving control to FspInitApi function.
4. Does pch straps settings may cause this since I am using upper 6 MB region flash data which is from vendor bios.
4. Please suggest anything on it.

Thanks in advance,

<<<<<<<<<<<<               Debug log  Start                          >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

coreboot-coreboot-unknown Thu May 12 08:04:42 UTC 2016 romstage starting...
RTC Init
POST: 0x44
POST: 0x47
POST: 0x48
Starting the Intel FSP (early_init)
PM1_STS = 0x0 PM1_CNT = 0x0 GEN_PMCON1 = 0x44000
prev_sleep_state = S5
Configure Default UPD Data
PcdMrcInitSPDAddr1:             0xa0 (default)
PcdMrcInitSPDAddr2:             0xa2 (default)
PcdSataMode:            0x01 (set)
PcdLpssSioEnablePciMode:                0x01 (default)
PcdMrcInitMmioSize:             0x800 (default)
PcdIgdDvmt50PreAlloc:           0x02 (default)
PcdApertureSize:                0x02 (default)
PcdGttSize:             0x02 (default)
SerialDebugPortAddress:         0x3f8 (default)
SerialDebugPortType:            0x01 (default)
PcdMrcDebugMsg:         0x01 (default)
PcdSccEnablePciMode:            0x01 (default)
IgdRenderStandby:               0x00 (default)
TxeUmaEnable:           0x00 (default)
PcdOsSelection:         0x04 (default)
PcdEMMC45DDR50Enabled:          0x01 (default)
PcdEMMC45HS200Enabled:          0x00 (default)
PcdEMMC45RetuneTimerValue:              0x08 (default)
PcdEnableIgd:           0x01 (default)
AutoSelfRefreshEnable:          0x00 (default)
APTaskTimeoutCnt:               0x00 (default)
GTT Size:               2 MB
Tseg Size:              8 MB
Aperture Size:          256 MB
IGD Memory Size:        64 MB
MMIO Size:              2048 MB
MIPI/ISP:               Disabled
Sdio:                   Enabled
Sdcard:                 Enabled
SATA:                   Enabled
SIO Dma 0:              Enabled
SIO I2C0:               Enabled
SIO I2C1:               Enabled
SIO I2C2:               Enabled
SIO I2C3:               Enabled
SIO I2C4:               Enabled
SIO I2C5:               Enabled
SIO I2C6:               Enabled
Azalia:                 Enabled
SIO Dma1:               Enabled
Pwm0:                   Enabled
Pwm1:                   Enabled
Hsuart0:                Enabled
Hsuart1:                Enabled
Spi:                    Enabled
Lpe:                    Disabled
eMMC Mode:              eMMC 4.5
SATA Mode:              AHCI
Xhci:                   Enabled
POST: 0x92

============= PEIM FSP  (VLYVIEW0 0x00000304) =============
Register PPI Notify: DCD0BE23-9586-40F4-B643-06522CED4EDE
Install PPI: 8C8CE578-8A3D-4F1C-9935-896185C32DD3
Install PPI: 5473C07A-3DCB-4DCA-BD6F-1E9689E7349A
The 0th FV start address is 0x000FFFE0400, size is 0x00017C00, handle is 0x0
Register PPI Notify: 49EDB1C1-BF21-4761-BB12-EB0031AABB39
Register PPI Notify: EA7CA24B-DED5-4DAD-A389-BF827E8F9B38
Install PPI: B9E0ABFE-5979-4914-977F-6DEE78C278A6
Install PPI: DBE23AA9-A345-4B97-85B6-B226F1617389

Install PPI: 06E81C58-4AD7-44BC-8390-F10265F72480
Install PPI: 01F34D25-4DE2-23AD-3FF3-36353FF323F1

Install PPI: 49EDB1C1-BF21-4761-BB12-EB0031AABB39
Notify: PPI Guid: 49EDB1C1-BF21-4761-BB12-EB0031AABB39, Peim notify entry point: FFFE0FD4
The 1th FV start address is 0x000FFFB0000, size is 0x0002F400, handle is 0xFFFB0000

Install PPI: A55D6970-1306-440C-8C72-8F51FAFB2926
PcdMrcInitTsegSize = 8
PcdMrcInitMmioSize = 800
PcdMrcInitSPDAddr1 = A0
PcdMrcInitSPDAddr2 = A2
Setting BootMode to 0
Install PPI: 1F4C6F90-B06B-48D8-A201-BAE5F1CD7D56
Register PPI Notify: F894643D-C449-42D1-8EA8-85BDD8C65BDE
About to call MrcInit();
BayleyBay Platform Type
RID = 0x11.
Reg_EFF_DualCH_EN = 0x40030040.
CurrentMrcData.BootMode = 4
C1.D0: SPD not present.
Configuring Memory Start...
                         RxDqLeft RxDqRight RxVLow RxVHigh TxDqLeft TxDqRight CmdLeft CmdRight
Channel 0 Rank 0         -22       21       -21     19     -25       26          0       0
CMD module is per channel only and without Rank differentiation
Configuring Memory End
UpperTotalMemory =  0x80000000
dBMBOUND         =  0x80000000
dBMBOUNDHI       =  0x80000000
dGFXBase         =  0x7BE00000
dTSegBase        =  0x7B000000
Save MRC params.
Current MRC Data DDR Freq    1
Current MRC Data Core Freq   1
Current MRC Data Tcl         7
Current MRC Data WL          6
Current MRC Data DDRType     1
Current MRC Data MMIO Size   800
Current MRC Data TSeg Size   8
Channel 0
        Enabled 1

         Socket 0
                DimmPresent 1
                DimmDataWidth 1
                DimmBusWidth 3
                DimmSize 2
                DimmSides 0
Channel 1
        Enabled 0

         Socket 0
                DimmPresent 0
                DimmDataWidth 0
                DimmBusWidth 0
                DimmSize 0
                DimmSides 0
Current MRC Timing Data MRC_DATA_TRP     7
Current MRC Timing Data MRC_DATA_TRCD     7
Current MRC Timing Data MRC_DATA_TRAS    13
Current MRC Timing Data MRC_DATA_TWR   8
Current MRC Timing Data MRC_DATA_TWTR   4
Current MRC Timing Data MRC_DATA_TRRD    4
Current MRC Timing Data MRC_DATA_TRTP   4
Current MRC Timing Data MRC_DATA_TFAW   1B
PeiInstallPeiMemory MemoryBegin 0x7AE00000, MemoryLength 0x200000
Old Stack size 24576, New stack size 131072
Heap Offset = 0x0 Stack Offset = 0x840F0000
Stack Hob: BaseAddress=0x7AE00000 Length=0x20000

Reinstall PPI: 8C8CE578-8A3D-4F1C-9935-896185C32DD3
Reinstall PPI: 5473C07A-3DCB-4DCA-BD6F-1E9689E7349A
Reinstall PPI: B9E0ABFE-5979-4914-977F-6DEE78C278A6
Install PPI: F894643D-C449-42D1-8EA8-85BDD8C65BDE
Notify: PPI Guid: F894643D-C449-42D1-8EA8-85BDD8C65BDE, Peim notify entry point: FFFC1281

Install PPI: 0AE8CE5D-E448-4437-A8D7-EBF5F194F731
Install PPI: 1A36E4E7-FAB6-476A-8E75-695A0576FDD7

Install PPI: EF398D58-9DFD-4103-BF94-78C6F4FE712F

InstallVlvInitPpi() - Start
Register PPI Notify: 7D84B2C2-22A1-4372-B12C-EBB232D3A6A3
InstallVlvInitPpi() - End

InstallPchInitPpi() - Start
PmcBase needs to be programmed and enabled before here.
ProgramGpioSCForSDCardWA Done....
Register PPI Notify: 15344673-D365-4BE2-8513-1497CC07611D
Register PPI Notify: 00B710BA-8CD6-4BF3-AB7A-9A24F54CC334
Register PPI Notify: F894643D-C449-42D1-8EA8-85BDD8C65BDE
Notify: PPI Guid: F894643D-C449-42D1-8EA8-85BDD8C65BDE, Peim notify entry point: 7AFCB3C4
PchModPhyProgramming() - Start
SOC B0 and later ModPhy Table programming
PchModPhyProgramming() - End
PchSataInit() - Start
PchSataInit() - End
InstallPchInitPpi() - End

Register PPI Notify: 5BAB88BA-E0E2-4674-B6AD-B812F6881CD6

Register PPI Notify: 4B0165A9-61D6-4E23-A0B5-3EC79C2E30D5
Register PPI Notify: 30CFE3E7-3DE1-4586-BE20-DEABA1B3B793
Register PPI Notify: 7CE88FB3-4BD7-4679-87A8-A8D8DEE50D2B

Install PPI: DD29124D-7819-4F15-BB07-351E7451D71C

Install PPI: 7D84B2C2-22A1-4372-B12C-EBB232D3A6A3
Notify: PPI Guid: 7D84B2C2-22A1-4372-B12C-EBB232D3A6A3, Peim notify entry point: 7AFDE2E9
VlvInitPeiEntryPoint start....

------------------------ VLV SSA Platform Policy dump Begin ---------------
Graphics Configuration:
GttSize : 2 MB
IgdDvmt50PreAlloc : 2
PrimaryDisplay : 0
ApertureSize : 2
Turbo Enable : 1

------------------------ VLV SSA Platform Policy dump END -----------------
ProgramEcBase Done....
SSASafeConfiguration Done....
Clear Dbuff  to all zero before read 0xFFFFFFFF
PUNIT_ISPSSPM0 value is 0x3000003
ISP Device is enabled by fuse
Skip ISPConfig
InitThermalRegisters Done....
IGD enabled.
IGD Turbo Enable.
PUNIT_BIOS_CONFIG11 = 0x400301C0.
PUNIT_BIOS_CONFIG22 = 0x40030140.
TotalMmioLength:   0x10400000 bytes
GraphicsInit Done....
Install PPI: 09EA8911-BE0D-4230-A003-EDC693B48E11
Install mVlvPeiInitPpi Done....
Install PPI: 15344673-D365-4BE2-8513-1497CC07611D
Notify: PPI Guid: 15344673-D365-4BE2-8513-1497CC07611D, Peim notify entry point: 7AFCBB94
PchInitialize() - Start
PchMiscInit() - Start

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                     Debug log  Start    end                       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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