[coreboot] Using eMMC on Baytrail with FSP

David Popeck david at justaride.org
Wed Jan 13 16:16:20 CET 2016

Hi all,

I've been trying to get Coreboot going on a custom Baytrail based board
that I have.

Pretty much everything is working with one major exception - eMMC.

I've enabled eMMC in BCT.
In devicetree.cb I've switched off device 10 (eMMC 4.1 controller) and
switched on device 17 (eMMC 4.5 controller).
And finally I've switched the relevent pins to GPIO_FUNC3 in gpio.c.

Linux sees device 17.0 in lspci and loads the module but doesn't show any
mmcblk devices.

I was supplied the board with an Insyde systems EFI firmware which I really
don't want to use.
This does recognise the eMMC, boots the same kernel I used with coreboot
and now I can access the eMMC.
So I know there is nothing electrically wrong here.

Should this configuration work with coreboot?
If I look in the non-fsp baytrail directory I can see emmc.c which appears
to contain explicit code to initialise the controller.
There is no equivelent code in the fsp_baytrail directory that I can see.
Is FSP supposed to initialise the controller or is there something missing

Thanks for any help

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